There were many new sport associations founded in the 70th. in La Calamine. The "Vélo Club La Calamine" is one of these and has confirmed in between his steadiness. The regularity of activities shown since then proof by evidence the success of the 4 young citizens of the town who came together in 1971 to found the association on 1.1.1972. The good reputation of the club acquired in the region has never failed  since then. Indeed nobody knows if Alphonse Bemelmans, Armand Bougard, Nicolas Cremer and Gilber Oger could imagine one moment at that time, that already in 1982, 10 years after the foundation date, the association could pretend on being the n° 1 of the region. A long way has been accomplished in between and as a lot other bicycle racing associations, the club had to resign to the recession of bicycle racing in Belgium started in 90th.

Indead the organisation of races as the activities of street racer as well could not stay on the same level as in the beginning of the activities in the first years. There are several reasons that are involved. Fact is that the responsibles of the club never gave up and went now to the new trend in the bicycle world :   the MTB (Mountain Biking). Waiting for better times for the bicycle racing on road, the activities of the Vélo-Club La Calamine are now oriented to the MTB.

East - Belgium Race : A story without "happy end"  

Founded in 1978, the East-Belgium race was the "Master" organisation of the club for 10 years. After a first edition on the end of the season (1.october 1978),  the race found his place in the springtime. Organized under the "open" formula, innovation introduced in the belgian bicycle race world by the Vélo-Club La Calamine in 1984, the East - Belgium race saw all "cracks" passing on the uneven roads of the East Belgian cantons. Despitely  the club had to renounce on the organisation of the trial in the 90th since the growing "appetite" of the racer could not guarantee a healthy financing of such an organisation... .


An arrival line of 800m : a dream !
East Belgium race and the medias : love !


Climp of the "Esel" in Eupen : the spectacular way !